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A Chilly Walk And Lessons Learned

Okay, i just want to know who said it could be winter in Florida; it's flippin COLD! Just last week, i was still using the AC and now i have to use the heater at night or wake up as a popsicle.  That mile walk this morning was FREEZING, but well worth the walk. It was very funny as i went out to walk with my oldest this morning and he didnt want to wear his heavy coat..and put on a light one...about 10 seconds outdoors killed that idea and he ran back into the house for his warm one.  We had a lovely walk this morning though, laughing and joking as we walked around and saw our breath as we went. It's easy to feel that all is right with the world when you can hear those you love laugh with you.  **Sometimes even at you**

i am so proud of my oldest though.  He is learning some tough lessons about friendship and people now, and he is doing so well.  My son is younger than most of the kids that he plays with here, and because of he want to 'fit in', he has a tendency to get picked on a lot; much more than i would like.  The couple of kids that are closer to his age, are little hooligans that i wont let him play with; they are delinquents in the making. My son is a good kid; somehow, that is one area where i was blessed.  My son tends to be the last resort kid.  When no one else is outside to play with, the kids show up here and knock on the door to see if he will come out to play, but when there is someone else he gets excluded quickly.  Part of it is because he is younger, and the other part is because he doesnt do what he knows he will get into trouble for.  Bless him, but he has the internal strength to say NO, i cant.  He has been called a momma's boy, and replied that at least his momma cares enough that he isnt doing things he shouldnt.  **that and he says that being grounded to the house is no fun**

Watching the way that my son gets treated is no fun for me.  I would love to go out there and stick up for him; however, it's something that he needs to learn on his own. So while i dont like the way that they treat him, i continue to allow him to play with them, but i talk to my son about how he is treated.  He likes to play with them, because there really is no one else to play with or be friends with, so we have discussed that sometimes having no friends is better than having friends that just make you feel bad.  We have been talking about this for awhile now; that he deserves to be treated better by his friends and that maybe he should think about his friendships.

Well, yesterday, my son came in after playing outside, and i could tell something was up.  So after asking him what was wrong.  He told me one of his friends feels like he HAS to play with him, so he just came in.  Now, this is one of the kids that comes and knocks on our door 4 to 5 times a DAY if my oldest isnt already outside playing cause he doesnt want to be outside by himself. Well, my son, bless him, said that he didnt need to play outside with friends like that anymore; and that he didnt like it, and won't play with the other kid until he apologizes for treating him badly.  WAY TO GO SON!! My son really really looks up to this kid, and i am SO proud that he is standing up for himself.  He is going to turn into a wonderful man someday.

Oddly, my sons struggles parallel my own from time to time, and this is one of them.  It took awhile but i'm standing up for myself and how people treat me.  Sometimes, a momma can even learn a lesson from her son.


Bullygrrl said...

What a beautiful post! I pray that my son is as level headed as yours. It takes a lot at any age to stand up for yourself. I know I have a lot to learn in that regard. Sounds like you are doing a great job. Keep up the walking too. You are inspiring me to keep up with my fitness goals for the year.

aislinn said...

lol He is only 7...i'm so so so proud of him.

in regards to the fitness...just start and DONT stop. you can do it :)

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