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Welcome to my sanctuary. This is a place for me to share the ups and downs of my life as a mother, woman, friend, and subbie. To revel in the triumphs and work through the difficult parts, but to always be me...the good...the bad...and the playful.

All Is Well In My World

All is Well in My World~Everything is working out for my highest good. Out of this situation only good will come. I am safe.~Louise L. Hay.

How could everything not be well in my world?  I have two wonderful children, a roof over my head, and most of the utilities are up to date. I have wonderful friends both online and off.  The doors to my future are wide open.  There is nothing that’s not available to me.  My world and life is mine for the taking and giving.

My days are filled with endless possibilities and every day brings a deeper understanding of myself.  I am remembering what a truly blessed person I am.  I am surrounding myself with positive people; who make me laugh and give me strength.  Everyday, I can feel the strength and beauty increase in my life, and I am completely amazed by it.  I am refusing to allow negative feelings or emotions gain a foothold in my heart.

That’s not to say that negative emotions and feelings don’t arise; I wish that were the case. But when they do arise, I work on figuring out what triggered them and why.  Sometimes that requires taking a walk to feel the positive energy that surrounds me, other times it means letting go of negative people.

Take a look at what is causing your negative emotions and fine a way to eliminate as many as possible.


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