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Welcome to my sanctuary. This is a place for me to share the ups and downs of my life as a mother, woman, friend, and subbie. To revel in the triumphs and work through the difficult parts, but to always be me...the good...the bad...and the playful.

A Very Productive Day

I have taken another step forward today.  I worked on some projects with the bells, opened an etsy store, and made some banners, over all I would say that I had a very productive day.  I also snuck in some time to help a friend with His site too.  I’m pretty pleased with the way things have gone today.

I’ve be talking and trying to help people where I can; it’s only right after all the help that others have been to me that I give back some of myself.  Not that it’s easy, it’s a challenge to help and yet not get in the way.  It should be, I should feel comfortable helping in any and every way I can; however, it seems the more I help the more that I’m being blocked from doing so.  But I carry on, and do what I can when I can.

Service is honestly at the heart of who I am.  Those feelings, wants, needs and desires don’t just go away.  In fact they grow and intensify.  This time though, I want to keep myself instead of losing myself into the darkness like last time.  Hopefully, I have learned how to make it so that doesn’t happen.


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