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Seriously WTF!!!

Okay just for a warning this is going to be a WTF kind of post.  Alright, you have been warned read only if you wish to continue.

Alright, seriously wtf.  It seems that no matter what I do people just have to fuck with me.  Honestly, it cracks me up that they thing they are so anonymous when they do it.  That they don’t know that I know who they are, I find amusing and a tad insulting.  Lord, help me if I point out all the sneaky surreptitious stuff that they have pulled in the past and are pulling now.  Really most of it’s in the past but damn if they just cant help themselves by poking into my life.  They try to find these sneaky ways of digging up dirt.  Now, mostly my life is pretty much an open book, I don’t really hide a lot.  And if you are one of my friends on certain social networks you all know that.  This doesn’t mean that I want my entire life open to every tom, dick, or harriet.  First off, people love to twist things around way too much, and some just cant help but to fuck with me.  I’ve come to expect and accept it and for the most part find it amusing.

For the second WTF!  I know of someone else that supposedly lives the lifestyle.  She was collared to someone just a few short weeks ago.  That ended, and she protested that she wanted her next relationship to be real.  Now a collar, is similar to an engagement/wedding ring, and yet four short days later she’s collared so someone new that live in an entirely different country.  Seriously, WTF, did we learn nothing from the first go around.  To be taken as real, you have to be real and realistic.  I’ve spent more than my fair share of time defending this girl, but hell, even I cant condone this.  I can’t excuse it either.  This is the same girl that teases and degrades girls that are “collar hoppers” and yet she just did the same damn thing. 

Now, I can understand the want and the need to be comforted and cuddles a bit.  Being released is not easy, it’s heartbreaking and difficult.  I’m thankful that I have the friends that I do during this time for myself.  But I also know that any relationship I were to get into at this time would only end in disaster.  I’m on the rebound and on it hard.  I couldn’t even imagine giving someone my trust and life again at this point.  Yes, that’s just my situation.

But how many people do you know that go from being engaged to one person and then break it off and become engaged to someone else 4 short days later.  That is fantasy land.  This is real life not some cyber game to be played.  This is why people get hurt.  They fall prey to the cyber fluff fantasy land and refuse to look at the reality of the situation.

Common sense goes a long way…use it!!


His little kajira said...

being collared is a serious could someone take it so lightly? that's kinda annoying...

aislinn said...

very annoying, especially if you are presenting yourself as 'real' people are looking to for an example of how the life it lived, but how can they get an actual representation if the whole thing is a farce.

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