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Welcome to my sanctuary. This is a place for me to share the ups and downs of my life as a mother, woman, friend, and subbie. To revel in the triumphs and work through the difficult parts, but to always be me...the good...the bad...and the playful.

One Step At A Time

Urgh, today was another rough day.  I’m feeling crummy.  Both the boys have had or have bronchitis and I can feel the congestion start to build in my chest.  Isn’t that just lovely??  Anyway, my day was spent trying to keep my eyes open, running errands, and somehow I still managed to walk that mile.  There was NO way I was going to let my streak slide because I was feeling under the weather.

After a minor hiccup with the order, the bells are now on the way here.  I am SOOO excited about this project.  I even got a book to learn some weaving patterns.  I think that this could really go well.  The variety of applications is endless.  I really think it would be cool to do slave bells in “house” colors.  Seriously, what a great way to show that solidarity within the house than to have matching slave bells?  I can also make beaded slave bells…some can even be very elaborate.  Of course, I’m a bit ahead of myself on the elaborate ones.  I don’t want to say I can do more than I am capable of doing.  Right now, I’m going to stick with some simple designs and the materials that I have on hand.  As it grows I want to start using colored hemp and more beaded bells.

Anyway, that’s what’s going on in my world.  Nothing to huge, just another notch in the year.


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