my Sanctuary


Welcome to my sanctuary. This is a place for me to share the ups and downs of my life as a mother, woman, friend, and subbie. To revel in the triumphs and work through the difficult parts, but to always be me...the good...the bad...and the playful.

Catch Me

Who will be there to catch my fall? In a perfect world i would love to say that my Master will always catch me, but in the real world, that doesn't always happen.  Ultimately, it's up to the individual to catch themselves.  Master's are wonderful and of course they try to be there for us as much as possible; however, they are human...they make mistakes...they let us down.  As my Master's slave it's my job to make His life easier and one of the ways that i do that is by being stable myself.
i think that it's dangerous and unstable to rely on a Master as your anchor in this world.  They should be but one of the stone used to build the foundation of your life.  A keystone even, but there should be other things in place to help you maintain emotional and physical stability. i think the best Master's teach their slave's to find the stability within themselves.  Help their slave's find that strength that's within us, foster it, and watch it blossom into the strength to handle the things that life puts before us.


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